VatsalyaGram — The Road Worth Travelling

Param Pujya Didi Maa Sadhvi Ritambhara Ji is the one who needs no introduction, but one should talk about her attempts to improve the standard of living and the Quality of Life of destitute women on this day of Women. Here is a short note on the process adopted. Due to her love, affection, and tremendous emotional support to the destitute women, she is the real icon one should consider as the epitome of empowering women in Indian society.

Women and their situation in our society is a subjective matter. There are ample examples of women leading the big empires like Rani LaxmiBai to Rani Ahilyabai, which are from our own society. There are women heads of the state, governors, and district magistrates in India. We are the country where India was Indira and Indira was India. Such is the stature we offer to women. On the other hand, crime records also narrate different sides of the story, in which women are destitute.

VatsalyaGram is an epicenter of unheard stories of Empowering Women. Hundreds of women get the real meaning of love and Vatsalya here. We need to listen to these stories and be skilled and educated to make them feel good about life. This is all about this Transformation, and this is a continual process, needs no name to define, but Pujya Didi Maa Ji’s passion for serving humanity.

This village empowers women with a process that starts with empathizing with the destitute women. Here she gets a place and relations of love, care, and affection. These women live their lives with peace, harmony, and a bonded relationship that makes their lives full of cherishing reasons.

These women get an apartment to live in that has a dining room, drawing room, bedroom, kitchen, and washroom with a couple of abandoned children, and a bond of love is created among each one of the residing members, right from the granny to the youngest kid of the family.

That is how a devastated life of a destitute woman is filled with the colours of relationships, full of dreams, and cherished moments.

The dream of making girls educated to strive for their best potential is not just to face but also to lead the world. The greater number of empowered women is the only possible way to make this world a better place to live. Didi Maa Ji understands this, which is why the girls studying in the in-house Samvid Gurukulam School have multifaceted developmental programs, apart from textbook studies.

Horse riding, NCC, Sports, Dance, and Music Academy with classes on Robotics are just a few programs that made the daughters feel high on confidence. Didi Maa knows the significance of exposure to education, and that is why the initiative ADVANCE is launched an exchange program with an American school.

Employing a woman is the greatest service one can have to humanity. The women residing in the VatsalyaGram are brought under the Entrepreneurship programs, under which they learn how to make candles, pack food items, and whatnot. Programs like udyamita and saksham are a few examples of it.

By doing so, these women get a feel of financial security, which is equally important. The entire 52-acre land of VatsalyaGram is secured and serene. This place is developed following the comfort and peace of women.

This is not all. Param Pujya Didi Maa Ji’s various ways and means are making women empowered and enabling them to the path of success and confidence are truly remarkable.

She is not just an example of women empowerment but making women empower narrates her.

Let us help her in making these unspoken stories heard all around. Help and connect with the programs of VatsalyaGram and support these amazingly drafted initiatives.

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