Nanhi Duniya

Introducing to nature, while making them learn with fun

Nanhi Duniya NGO formation is a place where children develop creativity, learn with fun, and get close to nature.

Outdoor activities play a critical role in the physical and mental development of children. It is a profit organization for children to increase their attention span, reduces stress, and help shape their learning and creative abilities. While looking at different things, they develop a curiosity and engage in brainstorming. Not just that, it is the time when they develop their social competencies and communication skills through different games, make new friends, interact with them, practice their physical capabilities, enjoy the natural environment and do all sorts of activities that cannot be done in the classroom. While getting fresh air, they feel less constrained.
Nanhi Duniya

A Natural Playground for the Children

The foundation Nanhi Duniya nonprofit organization meaning children’s world is a specially developed area at the campus that creates a beautiful and natural environment with models of greenery, river, mountain, birds & animals. This learning-with-fun concept introduces children to our nature and environment in a meaningful manner to share the many secrets of nature and also be sensitive to our natural habitat. Overall, it’s an ideal place for outdoor activity for the kids.

Nanhi Duniya Gallery

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