VatsalyaGram Sijai

Madhya Pradesh

Providing quality education to the farmers’ kids

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300+ Children

Coming from the poorest of-the-poor families

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5th Class

The school is functioning as a primary English medium school

Located in the Chhatarpur District of Madhya Pradesh and about an hour and a half drive from Khajuraho, VatsalyaGram has a project up and running at a place called Sijai. Considered one of the most backward areas, the region mostly consists of marginal farmers who cannot afford education for their children. At VatsalyaGram charitable institutions, we believe that education is the gateway out of poverty, and with that view, we are providing education to the youth so that they can earn their living tomorrow.

Samvid Gurukulam NGO organization was started way back in 2012 with just 25 students. The school now provides English education to over 300 students whose parents can’t afford their education. There is also a proposed plan forward the foundation by adding more classrooms by constructing the 1st and 2nd floors of the school.


To ensure that children do not drop out, pick-and-drop bus facility is also provided to pick up children from 32 km away. A very nominal fee is charged for the education provided and the pick-and-drop facility, which most farmers are unable to pay, resulting in arrears of Rs 10 lakh. But every child is still being given the best education and a computer lab has also been set up for digital literacy of the students. Creation of facilities for more classrooms with a view to providing continuity of education and higher enrollment. The overall idea is to improve the quality of education in such remote areas.

We are also in the process of empowering people from in and around that particular region by giving them jobs in the school and also building staff quarters for people who come to work in the foundation from other places.

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