Samvid Gurukulam

The Best of Education for a Self-Reliant Generation

Situated on the main road connecting Vrindavan and Mathura, Sanvid Gurukulam Vrindavan is an International School, a not-for-profit association, and one of the most essential aspects of the entire Vatsalya Village Vrindavan campus.

Within the serene campus of Vatsalyagram Foundation and Empire, Vrindavan, and spread over 50 acres, Samvida Gurukulam is an international school that strives to inculcate the multi-layered educational approach of ‘Param Pujya Didi Maa Sadhvi Ritambhara’ in its curriculum.

Established in 2005, Samvid Gurukulam is located on the main road connecting Vrindavan and Mathura and comes under the list of education NGOs, making it easily accessible from both the cities. Owing to its unique location, the school enjoys a noise and pollution free environment with a very diverse flora and fauna around it. And it is the NGO helping poor children to get educated by taking free education from here.

It is a residential senior secondary school with co-educational system up to class V and only girls’ education till class XII. All round development is promoted through interactive, integrated and inspirational learning in academics, sports, arts, music, spirituality and drama. As a major institution influencing a child’s life, the driving force of the school is to transform the child into a high-performing and joyful individual.

Samvid Gurkulam

Gurukulam Facilities

Samvid Gurukulam is an NGO formation with rich and modern facilities like laboratories, smart classes, rites and yoga classes, an audio-visual library, transport facilities, counseling cells, medical facilities and tour and excursion options.

Smart Classroom

Sanskaram & Yoga Classes

Medical Facilities

Tour & Excursion

Gurkulam Academics

This non-profit organization has a solid framework of rules and regulations laid down by the school authority in the smooth running of the school operations, academic and other routines, overall decoration of the school, and safety of the students. It is highly expected of parents to enforce and abide by these rules and regulations in the interest of their children.

State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure

A newly constructed school building is ready for the upcoming session. It is a four-storey building covering approximately 96,000 sq. ft. With all modern facilities for the comfort of the students and is aesthetically pleasing in Indian environment.

Maa kalawati Palyam







for Samvid students




1,00,000 sq. feet



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