Samvid Gurukulam celebrated National Mathematics Day.

Samvid Gurukulam Sr Sec School students in Vatsalyagram celebrated National Mathematics Day on December 22 on the birth anniversary of Maths Genius Srinivasa Ramanujan. The former Prime Minister, on February 26, 2012, declared December 22 as the National Mathematics Day to mark the mathematician’s birth anniversary. Daughters of #samvidgurukulam paid their tribute to Srinivasa Ramanujan, who is also known as the ‘man who knew infinity’.

So keeping the spirit of learning active, Samvid Gurukulum organised an Inter-house Mathematics Quiz for classes VI to IX on Wednesday , 22 December 2021 in the School auditorium. A team of 8 participants each from the four houses geared up to face the challenge.
The quiz consisted of 3 rounds. It commenced with a ‘direct round’ of questions followed by buzzer round’ and ‘fastest finger first’. Buzzer round and rapid fire round geared up the energy of budding mathematicians of samvid. Rules and regulations of the quiz were explained at the beginning of each round by anchors of the quiz Himanshi Yadav and Devika.
The first round tested the arithmetical skills of the participants and the second round tested logical reasoning. In the rapid fire ‘fastest finger round’ comprehension as well as speed of answer was tested. All the participants solved the questions enthusiastically and in skill. The questions posed to the teams tested every aspect of their knowledge. The audience students not only cheered loudly to motivate the participants of their respective houses but also got a chance to volunteer the correct answer each time the participants answered incorrectly.
When the quiz came to an end, everyone present in the Hall waited anxiously for the result. Principal Mrs #aasthabhardwaj shared her thoughts as the result was tabulated and motivated the students for participation. The Tejaswani house emerged as winners with score 155 and the Ojaswani house were the 1st runners up with score 150.
This was an enriching, interesting and fun filled activity. The students not only rose to the challenges posed with dexterity but equally, they enjoyed doing so.

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