How Are We Different

Our modesty does credit us, for the work which does speak for us

Where everyone is treated with eyes of equality; where happiness and hope go hand in hand – unconditionally

At the foundation VatsalyaGram, we celebrate life in its purest form of love through our care and committed efforts. We believe that a family isn’t defined only by last names or blood. It’s defined by commitment and love. Thus, at the VatsalyaGram charity foundation, we provide a strong family environment, ensuring that the social and psychological requirements of each beneficiary are met. Through our various prograendeavororur to provide a promising future, full of opportunities and complete positivity. Our approach is unique owing to the depth of interventions and we believe in determining future outcomes through dedication and perseverance.
Depth Intervention

Depth of Intervention

At VatsalyaGram NGO foundation, we believe in the holistic development of every beneficiary and taking care of all their needs, be it education, health, security, love of a family, care, or financial independence.

Our multitude of initiatives like women’s welfare foundation, NGO for the mentally challenged, and foundation helping the poor, ensures that all needs of our beneficiaries are taken care of so that they lead a healthy life and get mainstreamed into society.

Success Stories

“Where there is a will, there is a way!” Our students live by this adage and come out with fly-in colors, year on year thereby making us proud of their achievements. Our children have made us proud by joining various professional courses like MBA, Engineering, Medical, IT, and web designing among many other courses.
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99% CBSE Board

Our 6 children have made us proud to score in CBSE Board

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Olympic 2017 Skating

Our differently abled children have special achievements up their sleeves

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2017 Badminton

kudos to our badminton champion at the Para Olympics at national level.

Best Utilisation of Resources

Our model is premised on the optimum utilization of all our resources, by working for an NGO

 be it donations, manpower, or income from our projects. We use our funds judiciously towards the elevation of our beneficiaries. This is done through the constant upgradation of our programs, which involves enhancing the current infrastructures and providing the best facilities to our beneficiaries.

Best Utilisation

Transparent Practises 

Transparency is intrinsically part of the foundation VatsalyaGram and it reflects in our work culture. All the funds we receive through donations are used towards meeting the needs of our beneficiaries, right from the shelter, food, education, vocational courses, higher education, healthcare, family care, and capacity building among many others. Full records are maintained to keep track of the utilization of funds in NGO organizations.

Transparent Practises1
Transparent Practises2
Transparent Practises3
Transparent Practises4
Transparent Practises5
Transparent Practises6

Self-Sufficient Model

A unique attribute of VatsalyaGram NGO is its concept of self-sustainability when it comes to different projects, be the existing or the upcoming ones. Our projects Samvid Gurukulam – Vrindavan, Samvid Gurukulam- Nalagarh & Meera Madhav Nilayam (guest house) are revenue-generating arms for the bright future NGO. We aim to generate surplus money from these projects so that other projects like Vasuki Shreyam, KBRM, Vashishtyam, etc. can be supported.

Self Sufficient Model

Our Presence

Currently, we are present in 8 states of India, but we intend to expand our services to every state in the country so that maximum needy people can benefit from our projects like charities that help the poor.

Himachal Pradesh
New Delhi
Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
West Bengal

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