Vasuki Shreyam

A Vision Towards the Betterment of Life

Initiatives of PSP for rehabilitation and mainstreaming of children from marginalized snake charmers and other communities of Bridge Mathura area.

For decades the Sapera not for profit associations community (Snake- Charmers) has lived on the practice of snake-charming, a livelihood being passed down from generation to generation. The ban on the practice of snake-charming under the Wildlife Protection Act brought a lot of misery and uncertainty to the lives of the entire snake charmer community, who had no other skills or means of sustenance.

Raising the Sapera non profit organisation Involves the Community through Education and Healthcare

The Vasuki Shreyam foundation helping the poor is a PSP initiative to rehabilitate and mainstream children from marginalized Sapera and other communities of the Brij Mathura region. Children from these communities live in the Vatsalyagram NGO helping poor and are provided with formal education and all other necessary assistance such as shelter, food and health services.

The program was started in 2015 and has a unique approach towards betterment of life of the children of Sapera community. Education has been the key element in this initiative as only good education can shape the future of young children of this community, making them more capable than snake charmers, a livelihood that is being passed on from generation to generation.

The PSP charities that help the poor has adopted 300 children from the Sapera community under the ambit of “VatsalyaGram NGO” and provided them with an education that will ultimately shape their future.

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