Premvati Gupta Netra Chikitsalaya


Treating those whose eyes could feel, but not see

NGO charity Conducting eye camps with the best eye care facilities to treat glaucoma or cataract

Cloudy vision is not something one can live with. Unfortunately, many people in India over the age of 55- 60 start suffering from Glaucoma or Cataract. In the absence of available treatment, they are forced to live with such vision. At the foundation of Vatsalya Gram, we are working for a charity to ensure that when our beneficiaries suffering from such vision problems open their eyes, they only see the amazing beauty of this earth. We provide best treatment to our beneficiaries whose eyes can feel but cannot see.
Netra Chikitsalaya

Expert Ophthalmologists Providing Free Eye-Camps

Premvati Gupta Netra Chikitsalaya was working for a charity started in the year 2005 and has completed 20000 beneficiaries till now. Today, more than 1000-1500 beneficiaries get their eyes checked and more than 300 patients are operated per camp.

A team of specialist ophthalmologists led by Dr. Shyam Agarwal from Mumbai organizes free eye camps around Mathura and Vrindavan at regular intervals of one to three months. While not everyone can afford cataract or glaucoma surgery, at Vatsalyagram NGO group these surgeries are done free of cost for our beneficiaries.

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