Sanskar Vatika

Inculcating values to make actions Meaningful

Sanskar Vatika is a nonprofit organization educates children on vibrant Indian culture and heritage

It is said that decision-making becomes easier if your values ​​are clear to you. If the moral education of the child is neglected then his development is incomplete. Values ​​instilled during childhood persist throughout life and play a vital role in making hundreds of decisions every day. This is the age when children understand things quickly.
These values ​​help to determine the right path to stand at a turning point in life and make your actions purposeful. This bright future NGO helps you to thrive in the social structure.
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Development of Moral Values ​​in Children

Thus, a dedicated area in the campus, Sanskar Vatika NGO services has been set up with particular emphasis on ethical values, good ethics and compassion.
The children here are familiar with ancient Indian scriptures and philosophy for their spiritual development. They are educated on the vibrant Indian culture and heritage.

Through yoga and meditation, children are taught to develop concentration and seek inner peace and meaning in their lives. There is a charitable society here which also helps in their physical and mental well-being, eventually develop a sharp mind and become stronger, happier and more responsible person. The daily morning prayer and pre-meal prayer in the schools imbibe higher values ​​and become sensitive towards the life around them.

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