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Vatsalyagram Rudraprayag

The 2013 natural catastrophe that struck Uttarakhand left behind a lot of devastation with the loss of countless lives and properties. A lot many NGOs answered the call for relief with what all they could provide and we too, at VatsalyaGram NGO foundation, rushed to the location with relief materials. But slowly after the relief work, one by one the other NGO Helping poor left, and we decided to stay back, and that was the beginning of our Uttarakhand Relief Rehabilitations Development (RRD) program.


Of the four districts hit by this natural catastrophe, Rudraprayag was one of the most badly hit districts. Many lives and properties were lost.

We vatsalya NGO rushed to this location and set up a camp for the relief program wherein we distributed rations, medicines, and other relief materials along with financial aid wherever necessary.


Along with the ongoing relief work, we also set the rehabilitation leg of the program. Under this, we rented 2 guesthouses of which 1 is still under our sponsorship for the accommodation of 50 children, each of whom has lost one or both of their parents. Their complete nourishment and healthcare needs are being taken care of by us. The children are being sent to nearby 3 schools at our own expense.


Any sort of construction work in the mountain region requires almost twice the cost as compared to the plains. Irrespective of the cost and the challenges, we have acquired a 1-acre land with plans for building a residential school for the children in and around the region under the Nirman NGO. We are charging only a nominal fee from the parents so that their sense of dignity stays intact along with a little support for the functioning of the school. As a part of the development process, initially, we also started vocational training for ladies in 11 different villages in the region covering around 500 women.

We also, partnered with the NID, Ahmedabad for providing training in glass bead jewelry. Students from NID NGO for women empowerment were taken to those areas as well as women from that region were taken to NID for giving them a cross-training platform. Products made by them were showcased and sold at the regional Dastkar fair in Delhi. Plans are also ongoing for setting up Primary Health Center for treating small ailments.

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