VatsalyaGram Omkareshwar

Madhya Pradesh

Uplifting the girls of tribal community through education

VatsalyaGram Omkareshwar

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300+ Students

We are providing education to over 300 students

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Girls Hostel

Free residential girls’ school is being run for backward tribal girls

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Skills Development

Provided life skills and personality development training

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50+ Cows

Cow’s milk products meet the nutritional needs of our babies

In the foundation Vatsalyagram, there is a cradle house charitable institution in the entrance hall with a comfortable cradle in one room. Parents who are not financially or situationally able to raise their children alone may leave their children in comfortable cribs. As soon as the baby is kept in the Palna, the buzzer informs the volunteers of the help hand NGO, Vatsalyagram about the baby. Volunteers pick up the baby from the cradle and the baby is taken for a medical checkup.
Once the checkup is done, the arrival of the child is celebrated by all Vatsalyas as an addition to the family, in the same way the birth of a new child is celebrated. Once the volunteers of the foundation Vatsalyagram NGO group pick up a child, from then on, the child becomes a member of the Vatsalya family.

Located near the holy town of Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga in the state of Madhya Pradesh, the center of Param Shakti Peeth was established in 2010 and is running in full swing to benefit the tribal people in and around the region.

This center of Param Shakti Peeth non-profit organization currently comprises two schools, Samvid Gurukulam Kanya Vidyalaya and Samvid Gurukulam English Medium Co-Ed School foundation helping the poor women along with a cow barn which has approx 50 cows from which the milk produced. Used to meet the nutritional needs of our children.


Samvid Gurukulam Kanya Vidyalaya


Wherever a PSP charity that helps the poor Kendra is set up, it is either for the development of people in and around that area or to respond to a specific challenge. In the Omkareshwar charitable society, one of the main challenges was to provide education and in turn give a better future to tribal girls.

Starting with only 100 tribal girls, we are currently providing free education with hostel facility to more than 300 girls till 8th standard. We are also collecting more funds for the development of educational structure till class 10th and Sr. Secondary level along with the construction of science labs, computer labs, etc.

Samvid Gurukulam

English medium co-ed school


Situated in the same campus of Vatsalyagram NGO – Omkareshwar is a CBSE affiliated Samvid Gurukulam co-educational English medium school which started in 2016 with 95 children and currently has around 300 students. There are plans to lay the foundation for developing the school for higher studies, with classes up to class 5th as of now. Open to students even outside the campus, this school charges a nominal fee to meet the basic requirements.

Any surplus amount is further used for the development of both the Samvid Gurukulam Kanya Vidyalaya and Samvid Gurukulam English medium schools. We have adopted this self-sufficient model so that the development of the schools is not hindered due to the lack of donations.


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