Kamdhenu Gau Grah

Nutrition through cow milk, for their growth matters the most

Kamdhenu Gau Grah, to ensure a continuous supply of fresh milk to feed the infants and children

At VatsalyaGram, most children come when they are only infants. Unfortunately, there is an absence of breast milk which is so vital for their growth. To sustain life, and give them the proper nutrition, milk becomes essential for them. Thus, cow’s milk makes an excellent substitute. High in protein and calcium, it is good for their growth of the bones, rich in nutrients makes it adequate for their mental development.
Kamdhenu Gau Grah

Fresh milk for their nourishment needs

Kamdhenu Gau Grah at VatsalyaGram comprises of 175 cows and calves. Equipped with all the modern dairy farming technologies, it ensures that there is a continuous supply of fresh milk and other dairy products to feed the infants and children at VatsalyaGram. There are many children in India who suffer from childhood obesity due to lack of milk in their diet. We ensure that our beneficiary children get the best nutrients for their overall development.

Having our own Gaushala also ensures that the milk which children get is free from adulteration. It also serves the dual purpose of providing nutrition to the children as well as preserving the cows. The Gaushala at Vrindavan was started in the year June 2004 with just 2 cows and now there are 175 cows & calves.

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