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A vocational training center or NGO for young girls and women to empower women to make them self-reliant while allowing them to earn and be financially capable

At Vatsalyagram NGO, we believe that women should be empowered by allowing them to learn industry skills, enabling them to earn to lead a dignified life for themselves and their families. Entrepreneurship non-profit organization Vatsalya Village has a cottage industry and vocational training center where women from Vatsalya Village and its surrounding villages are trained in vocational courses so that they can contribute to the family income.
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World-Class Vocational Training Centers for Young Girls and Women

Women are given training in skills like beautician’s course, papad and pickle making, handicrafts and many other kitchen items so that they can become independent and contribute to household income. There are currently two Vocational Training Centers in Vatsalyagram charity organization under Udyamita foundation and empire. In this fast, dynamic and modern world, computer knowledge has become essential to excel in almost any field and at Vatsalyagram, we wanted women and girls also to have digital literacy which is essential to achieve the goals in this digital modern world.

The initiative was further strengthened when we collaborated with Micro ST Lab, a French-Italian multinational company headquartered in Geneva (Switzerland) and a global leader in semiconductor manufacturing providing computer training to women in Udyamita charitable institutions. For this, a fully equipped computer lab has been established at “VatsalyaGram”. Apprentices are also awarded the certification after the successful completion of the course.

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