VatsalyaGram: Adding meaningful value to lives

In today’s world, everything circles Business. It’s the sole thing that describes and defines the rapidly changing orientations and perspectives of societies, communities, and nations. The states and societies’ policy determinants now look up to it as a value proposition to them and their well-being, with net profits. 

Education and healthcare are also changed drastically. Multiple technology colleges and the advent of numerous pharmaceutical companies changed or spoiled the quality of medicines and available human resources for the companies that ultimately led to the worsening of the health index and increased the gap between the talent pool’s requirement and skillset. The importance of quoting these two segments is comprehensive as these two are considered the fundamental issues of humankind. 

When everything and everyone is concerned with Business, how does social service abstain from it? So people started considering social service and the foundations, which are working in this do0main, as profit-making schemes and started joining and opening their foundations for funding from the western world and governments. 

Corporates are also known for their role as Corporate Social Responsibility as funding some good causes, and they keep doing their work. Some people and foundations genuinely serve the society and nation are not just a way or the other but as a unit to build the future of those marginalized and economically weak. They are not able to stand to face any challenge. One such noble cause is VatsalyaGram which helps all such people and turns out to be a saviour for the women, children, and girls.

Here We discuss why people should visit VatsalyaGram. VatsalyaGram is serving humanity for the last three decades. The concept of creating a family out of strangers is just wow some. The people living inside the Vatsalyagram, get a purposeful life and the colourless lives become so colourful to them. The sewa-prakalps(service projects) working here are not just world-class but invite you to connect, donate and communicate all the right things a man can do.

  1. Natural Aura like Never Before:– The VatsalyaGram people have worked hard to maintain the greenery and build a newer concept Nanhi Duniya where they help the children develop creativity and learn with fun and get close to nature. These prototypes of mountains, birds, animals, and rivers add brain-storming and curiosity to the child and connect with nature and the environment.
  2. Spiritual Peace:– This place is known to be an epicenter of spirituality and positive vibes. The Maa Sarvmangala temple(under construction) is a state-of-the-art temple with three dimensions of sat, raj, and tam gunas. This temple is also supposed to have a museum. If you want to experience Peace and spiritual heights in the loud and noisy surroundings, Visit VatsalyGram.
  3. Great Food (with no onion garlic): The in-built Meera Madhav Nilayam resort is a 64 room resort where Smoking and consumption of liquor are strictly prohibited. The ambiance of the place makes it a first choice for the wedding planners and corporates to visit this place where they found a beautiful temple of Meera-Madhav with delicious Food (without having onion-garlic). Probably the only area of the town where you dine without onion and garlic.
  4. SanskarVatika:- This place has two educational institutes of repute. Apart from free mid-day meals to education with uniforms and stationary, VatsalyaGram also provides Moral Values training and helps the children grow into civilized and responsible citizens of the country. It also builds characters that have the feeling of serving the nation in whichever way possible and making the future.
  5. Love, Care, and Compassion:- The moment you visit VatsalyaGram, you may sense a feeling of Love, respect, and affection of people to each other. The fabric of love is so tied among themselves that the campus residents find mother and sister with no blood relation. An abandoned child is taken care of by a stranger woman, who becomes his mother and granny, and eventually, the bond becomes more potent.

VatsalyaGram is a Place developed by Sadhvi Didi Maa Ritambhara Ji and her guru Param Pujya Yugpurush Mahamandaleshwar Swami Paramananda Giriji Maharaj. Maharaj Ji has addressed the United Nations at the Millenium Summit in 2000, in a spiritual meet. He has more than 16 colleges and schools to credit his name and hospitals with all the modern amenities. Apart from all these, the campus has conducted free eye surgeries and free hospital care for needy people.

 VatsalyaGram is a place of a unique concept. Didi Maa Ritambhara Ji’s sole aim is to make the women of this country more robust, with robust competence and skillset. With this ambition, she is supporting the women with a project named Samvid Expert School as well.

If you are searching for a soothing vacation in the lap of mother nature and connection with spirituality too, Visit VatsalyaGram.

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