The Odd Story of Grit and Resilience: Riddhi Parmanand

Education can bring change in life. We all know this but at what level do we all attempt to read and succeed?

Not every one of us. But some do. Here is the heck of the story.

Riddhi Parmanand isn’t just a name but she has become a role model for the people of surrounding areas. She hasn’t achieved anything of global significance but her short story is a tale of grit, resilience, and self-belief for the people of her surroundings. She has become a name of success and a girl who strictly follows her work ethic.

She is a story of success. Success is not the fruit that ripens only in the courtyard of the well-to-do. It is necessary for the ripening of this fruit to be a land of hard work, on which countless efforts can be made with the machine of our expectations.

Riddhi is a medical doctor. She did MBBS from one of the best medical colleges in the country, Banaras Hindu University. Attaining a medical degree is not easy and one living in a country of more than a billion can understand that easily.

Thorough competition needs resources. These resources are not just books but proper care of the family of the applicant. To face such examinations, mental stability is equally important and here, her family’s role became predominantly significant where nobody is in her blood relations because she is from Gokulam, Vatsalyagram.

Vatsalyagram has become the home of the homeless. Vatsayagram under the patronage of PP Sadhvi Ritambhara Ji is the home of love, affection, and care among strangers. Such is the moral support this small place offers that it makes the story look real.

We all know, that it is really tough to get a medical degree in India because of the highly competitive exams, a high number of applicants, the enormous number of dropouts are among those applicants who get training to fight these exams from the best of the faculties and subject matter experts.

In a nutshell, it was tough. Tough for a girl who hasn’t seen her biological parents but the mother she gets in Vatsalyagram, takes care of her so well that she ended up on the winning streak.

Recently she got married. A new life started. Full of dreams, hopes, and a bright and radiant career.

Let’s bless her with a Great life again. May God bless her with all that she deserves and desires.

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