India is known as the country of Gandhi. The man who teaches the aspects of Ahimsa and Truth to the world. His ideologies of Non-Violence made him what he is today. Indian society is, therefore, known as a peace-loving and conflict-avoiding society as a whole.


India is known for the valour and courage as well. The British won various battes in World War just because of the Indian soldiers. Afghanistan is known to be the ‘Graveyard of Kingdoms’ but Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji has conquered Afghans too. This is the level of strength, courage and bravery indian society possess.

It was way back in 1971, when Pakistani Army started torturing and molesting bengali society in present day Bangladesh because bengalis wanted to get rid of the imposed urdu domination. They wanted to save their language and culture and because of the rigorous tortures and injustices prevailing in the Bangladesh, resulted into the influx of huge number of bangladeshi populace into indian territories, due to the porous borders.

On the night of 3rd December 1971, Pakistan started bombing 11 Indian Airforce stations. Admiral SM Nanda was seething with rage. Inside the strategy room of the naval headquarters, The strategic team planned the best of the modern day attack in the recent times. To cut the connect of west command with the eastern command, Karachi would be the optimal subject to attack and ensure blockade of the Pakisatani Navy.

As per the plan, three Vidyut-class missiles INS Nipat, INS Veer and INS Nirghat got deployed in Okha (Gujarat) and the fleet was extended to outfit each of the missile ships with four Styx missiles apiece. Besides these, 2 Arnala class submarine corvettes – INS Kiltan plus INS Katchall – as well as a marine tanker was introduced to the fleet. The fleet reached Karachi and bombarded Karachi to ashes. It is said that after that successful attack, Pakistan’s economic capital burnt for seven long days.

It is the success that Navy achieved in bombing down Karachi, we commemorate December 4th as Indian Navy Day.

Indian Navy Day is honoured by a Beating Retreat and Tattoo Ceremonies at the Gateway of India. Several activities like sprints, competitions etc are arranged to make the public aware of the significance of the Indian Navy.

We at Vatsalya Parivar pay our tribute to the Bravehearts. Jai Hind.

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