The Armed Forces Flag Day

The Armed Forces Flag Day is commemorated in India on the 7th of December every year. This ceremony has been organised since 1949 to remember all the Indian soldiers, sailors, as well as air force staffers who have battled to safeguard the nation.

A noteworthy activity during this day is the collection of donations from the public which will be utilised for enhancing the well-being of the Members Of the armed forces, notably the three components of the Indian Armed Forces – the Army, Air Force, as well as the Navy. Professionals from all these three departments also organise events that highlight to the people how they safeguard the country.

Throughout this particular day of commemoration, the Indian Army staff arranges numerous social events, festivities, and performances that are intended at spreading awareness as to how the Indian people are secured and how their security is guaranteed. The Indian Armed force hoist the National flag with the colours of red, light blue, and dark blue which depicts the three components of the Indian Armed forces.

The Indians demonstrate their love and respect for the National military troops by contributing aid, all utilized for the wellbeing of these individuals.

Since India earned its freedom, the Government of India intended to promote the interest of the national military forces. On August 28, 1949, a commission under the defence minister established the 7th of December as Flag Day. The day sought to deliver little flags to the people of the country which they may purchase for a modest price. Over time, Flag Day became a prominent festival in the country. The people wanted to express their thanks to the individuals who safeguard the nation and their families.

Why Commemorate Armed Forces Flag Day?

The following are the primary arguments why you should attend the commemoration of the Armed Forces Flag Day:

  • To Support the Rehabilitation of the Armed Forces

The very first cause why you should commemorate this day is that with the contributions given on this day, you may support in a significant manner the rehab of the military forces. They are the ones who safeguard the nation by battling unrest and extremism. Several of them put their lives at risk. They become incapacitated when they lose their limbs, develop infections due to the toxic items they are introduced to, and many even offer supreme sacrifice. For all those who survive but require rehabilitation, the money that you provide can support them.

  • To Support the Nation

It’d also be excellent to commemorate this day to demonstrate your respect for your nation. If you express your love for the military who fight with their life safeguarding the nation, you are also indirectly displaying your respect for the nation.

A soldier joins the force, gets into combat mode, fights, and comes back, either as a winner or in the tricolour. In case he returns well, he is marched onto another combative role. In case he offers supreme sacrifice, he leaves behind a family to look after. He leaves behind a story to hear about, to speak about, and a story to remember.

Nobody can wipe off the tears of the family of a martyr but one can offer them support to lead a life with no shortage. The children of a martyr should get Quality education. The parents and wife should get the respect they deserve. We donate no money but their share of esteem, their share of the respect which they deserve because one has laid off his life to the nation, for the safety of fellow countrymen. 

In contrary to this, this is our moral and social duty to spread awareness about their welfare. After all, they deserve what they sacrifice, i.e., Respect and Honour because someone has earned martyr hood. 

In the capacity of a social organization, working for the welfare of all, VatsalyaGram has stepped up to encourage people to donate and spread awareness about them. In the capacity of a social welfare organization, we share stories of those brave hearts among all we come across. We celebrate this day in Samvid Gurukulam and Donate. 

As patriotic citizens, we stand with our forces in every moment. As a social institution, we wish and pray for the protection of our soldiers. We make them feel that you are the brother of every sister of this country, at times when they are away from their families because they are trying to protect the country in the remote deserts and cold mountains.

This is exactly what Vatsalyagram does every year at the holy festival of Rakshabandhan by visiting the borders.

Not only this, as an educational institute Samvid Gurukulam, Nalagarh is educating students with a mission to make them employable in the armed forces. Vatsalyagram strives to educate the children of those who sacrifice their lives on the line of duty, patrolling and safeguarding the borders in its Vrindavan or Nalagarh campus. 

We, at VatsalyaGram, are doing our bit. You do yours. Donate now to make them realise their significance in our lives. 

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