An amalgamation of Education, Traditions and Values: Samvid Gurukulam

What makes a school a school with a difference is slightly distinct methodologies and the focus on the modern content of education. This approach is being used by several schools in India.

Education: — An Amalgamation of Traditional Values and Modern Content

Education is the only thing that does not get changed in Indian schools/colleges so often. The irrelevant course content is the main root cause of the alarming unemployment rate, which is why the National Policy on Education was launched recently by the Central Government.

Samvid Gurukulam is a CBSE affiliated school under the patronage of renowned social reformer and emblem of women empowerment in India, Param Pujya Didi Maa Ritambhara Ji, is marching ahead of these international accredited schools.

The words spoken by him to the beneficiaries were really impactful in staying connected with the roots of the Indian education system. Such Saints are through the life systems, the exposure, and experience held by these decorated beings is really worth sharing with the upcoming generations to make them aware of the rich culture and accolades we possess.

3 D Printing:

This is rare of the rarest initiative taken by the school. This makes the students comprehend the concept and utilities of 3 D Printing. This method has served the purpose of making students skilled in the domain.

The Library:

The library has special shapes of furniture and books to attract young minds towards books. These unique shapes and sizes attract the kids and develop a habit in them towards reading.

Psychological Assessment:

The kids till the third standard are not graded. They are assessed and upgraded accordingly. The school is unique in identifying kids’ interest in different things, and developing the kid as per his area of interest makes the school a must-visit place for others.

The dance room, Activity room, and other rooms with the US students’ exchange program make them adaptable. modern cutting-edge, content-based education makes the students more employable and skilled. Hence adapting to the job role mapped courses becomes easier for them at the graduate level, making them employed as per their skill set and qualification.

This is Samvid Gurukulam – setting the standards higher.

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