Maa Sarvamangala Peetham: Adding Values to Life

Vrindavan is considered as the supreme abode, situated on the top of spirituality. There is also a self-supporting village, full of love, redefining humanism in this pilgrimage city of devotion. This village of love is known as Vatsalyagram. Here nature flourishes, blossoms, and smiles. Spirituality finds new opportunities here. The Ganges of Sanskars flows in which civilization is alive in its ancient form. The weak find power here.

Vatsalyagram is the embodiment of the ideological welfare of Param Pujya Didi Maa Ritambara Ji. Many service undertakings operating here have been conceived by Param Pujya Didi Maa Ji for the service and welfare of mankind. This unimaginable form of service can also be considered as an attempt to enlarge and awaken the feeling of welfare in society. Among these service projects, there is a project which is being built for the mental upliftment of future generations, to develop the spirit of universal equality, and for the realization of its glorious history, whose purpose is as much social guidance as it is spiritual. This project is known as Sarvamangala Peetham whose construction work is going on.

Concept of Sat, Raja and Tama

At the core of the concept of the creation of Sarvamangala Peetham are the three modes of Sat, Raja, and Tama. The creation of the universe has been done from these three Gunas and the construction of Maa Sarvamangala Peetham is also to make the general public aware of Indian architecture. Maa Sarvamangala Peetham will be established not only as a Shaktipeeth but also as a historical place. This temple will have three domes that will reflect the qualities of Sat, Raja, and Tama.

Spirituality & Science: Together

Along with being an important center of spirituality, Maa Sarvamangala Peetham will also be an important center of science. Historical facts will be displayed here by many projects. In this way, this Shaktipeeth will also be the curiosity center for the science trainees along with the devotees.

Picturesque atmosphere, diversity of sentiments, and spiritual peace

Maa Sarvamangala Peetham is being established in a quiet, idyllic, and picturesque place like Vatsalyagram, which will be a spiritual center as well as a training site for history in the coming times. The general public will be made aware of the unresolved principles of religion, culture, and holy Sanatan Civilization.

The establishment of Maa Sarvamangala Peetham is not just the establishment of a religious place, it is the arrival of the auspicious welfare form of Maa Sarvamangala. of the global purification of human civilization. of invocation at the ideological level. Maa Sarvamangala Shaktipeetham will be the place to assimilate refined expressions.

Maa Sarvmangala Peetham is going to add value to our lives. In order to retain our cultural heritage, we need to preserve such places of high spiritual significance and support them as much as possible.

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