Impact Stories: A Tale of Hardships, Support and Determination

God – The almighty tries and tests us with the testing times. Tough exams makes us strong and fine tunes us to get prepared for the hardships of battles. This is a general story of a normal story and then, there are lives which became inspiration for all of us. Richa Parmanand is one such beautiful tale of determination and enthusiasm. Overcoming the hurdles with the support of family with no definitions of a family.

Richa Parmanand was a tiny toddler when she was handed over to VatsalyaGram in Vrindavan. She wasn’t even aware of the meanings of family when she got a family in VatsalyaGram. Unlike most of us, she grew up in a family where the definitions of family breaks the stipulated meanings of a conventional family. She became a member of a family of mothers, siblings and grannies, with whom she could learn the true meanings of life and love, care, togetherness and being happy.

She grew up in a family which is headed by PP Didi Maa Ji. She completed her schooling from the inbuilt Samvid Gurukulam where she learnt the chapters of school curriculum as well as the moral values from Sanskaram classes by Didi Maa Ji.

As a tradition to grow children in VatsalyaGram, Richa also pursued her higher education and completed her law degree and passed the All India Bar Examination to practice her career of choice. She is willing to fight for the rights of the people. She has became an Advocate.

This is what a true value system like VatsalyaGram can change. Richa is an advocate today. Her sister Riddhi is a practicing medial practitioner who cleared MBBS from BHU. She is married happily.

This is VatsalyaGram. Changing lives, making lives of the destitute beautiful and mainstream, forever.

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