5 Best Reasons to Donate (Except Tax Benefits)

A donation is considered to be an act of kindness. People donate to improve the Quality of Life of the poor. To bless others with the human rights of education, health, and secure social and financial life, we tend to donate.

Science backs donations. Here we will reveal the scientific reasons people donate and donate more to get a happy and healthy lifestyle.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”
―Mahatma Gandhi

This quote by the Great Mahatma Gandhi signifies the value of charity and donations. Various NGOs work towards welfare. Many NGOs get donations and serve the people, empowering women, children, and rehabilitation. These NGOs prevail only on the systems on donation and survive on it.

Now it’s time to reveal the hidden benefits of donations.

1. Improved Cognitive Function

According to a report published in consumer reports, the older adults who devote their time to social service and charity programs were found to have improved cognitive function, better stair climbing speed, and walking speed than those who didn’t volunteer.

2. Reduced Stress

Improved health and happiness also lowers down stress levels and thus improve the Quality of life. This is a study published by John Hopkins University that speaks about the benefits of Donations.

3. Improve the Satisfaction Levels

The habit of charity and donations are good in a way that it increases satisfaction levels. According to the research paper published in volume 75 of Economica, higher levels of life satisfaction were observed with the people who gave their time or money compared to those who didn’t.

4. Donations activate the Reward centre in Brain

study published in PubMed from the University of Oregon reveals that charities build a brain reaction that imitates one caused by narcotics. This reaction triggers an increase of dopamine and endorphins that are “hedonic” and satisfying. In the depths of your physiology, charitable donations will feel pleasurable.

5. Feeling of happiness

According to a study, the people who donate tend to be happy. The people who donate their time or money for the underprivileged upliftment tend to feel it deep inside, and it makes them happy that they have helped someone eat a meal or make education and health approachable.

This is scientifically proven and well established as the fact that those who donate live happily. So it’s not too late if you feel like thinking of doing so. Let us improve the standards of living of hundreds and thousands of those who really need our help. To donate, You needn’t be a billionaire. Just a small contribution can do wonders.

Get up, Get a real cause you believe in and donate to one of the best NGO to make education, health, and food accessible to girls, women, and tiny toddlers.

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