Guest House Meera Madhav Nilayam

A feeling of home, away from home.

A well-built guest house in the campus of VatsalyaGram for an ideal stay in the religious and spiritual atmosphere of Vrindavan.

VatsalyaGram attracts many tourists owing to its one of a kind concept where people from anywhere can come and stay and experience life here. Guests from all across the country and abroad visit VatsalyaGram and get inspired by its novel culture, concept and its spiritually uplifting ambiance.

Guest house with all the modern facilities

The Meera Madhav Nilayam is a well-built guest house within the campus of VatsalyaGram which is an ideal option to stay for those who want to experience the spiritual and religious atmosphere in Vrindavan.

The guest house offers decent rooms with all the modern facilities like air conditioner, television, comfortable beds and a spacious dining area where everyone is always welcome to come and stay. The guest house currently has 58 rooms to accommodate people visiting VatsalyaGram and is also under expansion to accommodate even more people.

Meera Madhav Nilayam Gallery

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