VatsalyaGram Shaping the Dimensions of Life

India is a country with oldest civilization. The age old rituals, religious beliefs and traditional customs are carried forward by the old age populace. These people are embibing themselves in educating the moral and cultural heritage of this country through religious stories. This is side one of the story. The other side of this story is not so good looking.

A majority of indian women are getting ostracised. As more as 2.3 million women in India are abandoned. Their plight starts at an oldage where they need social security with factors like food, access to healthcare and shelter in bad shape.

These destitute women are welcomed at our place at Vatsalyagram. Vatsalyagram is considered as the best NGOs working in India for destitute women and children.

A Family full of unacquainted people:

The people who are completely unacquainted to eachother can be settled in oldage homes and orphanages. By doing so, their basic requirements of life are secured, like food, shelter, security and healthcare but the emotional void in their lives can not be filled.

Here comes the difference Vatsalyagram creates in the lives. Filling it all with the newer dimensions and colours of love, care and affection by building a bond of love among all the beneficiaries, living here.

A women with 5-7 children are stayed together with a old age woman, referred as grandmother, and this is one family constituted. The entire family lives in an apartment where study room, drawing room, bedroom with lavatories and washroom and kitchen are available. All the basic amenities of life are available here and thus, the family feels for each other. The void in their lives is filled with the colours of learning, growing and living together.

Healthcare, Education, Natural Park & Spiritual Vibes:

The family living in vatsalyagram is having all the basic regular facilities to lead their lives as a normal individual. Within the Vatsalyagram campus, primary school and senior secondary school is available. These schools are following the quality norms of regulatory authorities and stringent in their approach to rcruit the faculties.

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One of the faculty member has secured Rank 1 in the UPPCS exam which is highly competitive in nature and 3-5 million people appears in the exam. This is the quality teachers, vatsalyagram bring in to teach the students.

One hospital with adequate medical infrastructure is also available inside the campus where the people living inside vatsalyagram can get treatment.

To develop a sense of love for mother nature, a small park by the name nanhi duniya is also available for the kids so that they can have their own understanding of nature and the ecosystem associated.

The women living inside the campus are getting pure and pious spiritual vibes as there are temples like Meera Madhav Temple, Maa Sarvmangala Peetham and Lord Shiva Temples. These things are healing the lives with a touch of love, care and affection.

Team Vatsalyagram is there to serve, build and improve the Quality of life of those who need it. We are doing our bit, shaping the dimensions of lives. You too have a share in this responsibility.

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