Vatsalya Awas

Home is where happiness begins.

A well-appointed residential complex with independent apartment units for each family with all the necessities

The main concept of Gokulam Vatsalya Awas is working for an NGO to provide a family life and support system for the beneficiaries of VatsalyaGram charitable society. This unique concept is not practiced anywhere within the gated community of Vatsalya Village.
According to Didi Maa Sadhvi Ritambara ji’s imagination, children, women and old women who have no one else are assigned as a family in which 7-10 children are assigned the role of mother, aunt and grandmother. So that the love and happiness of the family spread all around. Each family formed in the Vatsalyagram NGO group is provided with a well-appointed residential complex ‘Gokulam’ with independent apartment units.

Each unit has its own rooms, kitchen, toilet, study room etc. like any other traditional house with all other necessary facilities. As home is the first step towards rehabilitation, this unique concept of home has given many people a new way of looking at life and being part of a true family.

The complex also has a lawn, a playground and a provision store from where the head of each family gets the necessary ration and other necessities for their respective families.

Families have access to all facilities at Vatsalyagram NGO services on campus, including education, health care, and other necessities so that they can lead their lives in peace and happiness. At present, the Vatsalyagram NGO foundation has 16 families consisting of 167 children and 24 women, living as mothers, grandmothers and aunts.

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