Turning their disability into ability

Providing mobility and ability to the people without limbs through prosthetic limbs

For every disability you have, you are blessed with more than enough abilities to overcome your challenges. Started in July 2018, Saksham is a new project that enables people without limbs to lead a normal life by providing them with prosthetic limbs. Through Saksham, we seek to support our beneficiaries and help turn their disability into ability.

Aid of prosthetic Limbs through 3D printing technology

We make them feel that they are no less capable than others by making them self-dependent. The prosthetic limbs gives them the mobility and the ability to manage their daily course activities. In the first phase, we have started with artificial hands printed by 3D printers. In the next phase, we intend to provide vocational training to the beneficiaries so that they learn to use their newly found limbs for making a living. All prosthetic limbs are provided free of cost to poor people.

Saksham Gallery

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