Palna Grah

A baby is a blessing sent from heaven

The VatsalyaGram Palna Grah is a cradle room to welcome infants to the Vatsalya Family and celebrate new life.

At VatsalyaGram, the entrance has a PALNA GRAH which has a comfortable cradle in a room. Parents who aren’t financially or situationally capable of raising their children on their own can leave their babies in the comfortable Palna. As soon as the baby is kept in the Palna, a buzzer informs the volunteers of VatsalyaGram about the baby. The volunteers pick the baby up from the cradle and the baby is taken for a medical checkup. Once the checkup is done, the arrival of the child is celebrated by all as an addition to the Vatsalya family, the same way the birth of a new child is celebrated. Once a baby is picked up by the volunteers of VatsalyaGram, the baby, from that moment, becomes a member of the Vatsalya family.

A complete family for their emotional development

A baby requires complete nourishment and care at the young age and mother’s milk is an important nourishment source. The next best thing to mother’s milk is the fresh and pure cow’s milk. The VatsalyaGram Kamdhenu Gau Ghar has 175 cows and calves to feed the infants and take care of the nourishment needs of other children.

Once the child reaches a certain age, they are given a complete family with a mother, aunt, grandmother and siblings so that the child grows up in a family and doesn’t miss out on any aspect of life. The complete education of the child is taken care of by VatsalyaGram and they are provided a dignified life with all the opportunities to brighten up their future and be successful adults in life.

Palna Grah Gallery

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