Bhanu Pratap Shukla Martyrs’ Museum

Inculcating nationalism in young hearts

Developing love, regard and affection for the country through Martyr’s Museum

It is the cause not the death that makes the martyr. We enjoy the freedom and liberty, for they struggled and sacrificed their lives. Bhanupratap Shukla Smriti Shaheed Sangrahalaya museum at VatsalyaGram is a proud way to commemorate and pay homage to the great freedom fighters, whose sacrifices paved way for India’s freedom. Through this museum, we wish to inculcate the respect for our martyrs as well as the feeling of nationalism in our beneficiary children.


Here, they get to know that at what cost did India get freedom and develop respect for those who sacrificed. Just like them, children get inspired to set high goals in their lives, and diligently endeavour towards its accomplishment. Also, they develop a feeling of love, regard and affection for their country.

Library to study and acquire knowledge

A room without a book is like a body without a soul. The more you read, the more things you know. Other than exhibits and descriptions of the martyrs, the museum has a huge library with dedicated material, books and research articles.
Here our beneficiaries study, pursue, and comprehend things to develop a logical reasoning and discover rational behind things pertaining to life. Studying ensures that they emerge as enlightened citizens, well informed about the social, cultural, religious and political aspects of India.

Martyrs' Museum Gallery

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