Krishna Brahamratan Vidya Mandir School

Unlocking every child’s true potential.

A school exclusively catering to children coming from BPL families free of cost with over 900 students because nothing should stop children from the right education.

Located on the campus of Vatsalyaram NGO, Vrindavan, Krishna Brahmaratan Vidya Mandir is a primary-level Hindi medium school NGO working for education that exclusively caters to children from neighboring families whose parents can’t afford their education.

Education along with mid-day meals for the neighbouring communities

All sorts of educational training as per the norms of normal public schools are given here in the fields of art and craft, sports, music, and dance, apart from the mainline education. Furthermore, the students are also given mid-day meals, uniforms, stationery, and healthcare on a need basis. The school operates with the ultimate goal of empowering these students with the right education and not-for-profit associations so that they can ensure a brighter future both for themselves and their families. Starting in the year 2002 with just 20 students, Krishna Brahamratan Vidya Mandir now has 900+ students.

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