Gd Bansal Swasti Chikitsalaya

Cause the greatest gift you can give to someone is health

Providing best medical and healthcare facilities through GD Bansal Swasti Chikitsalaya

In India, not every person can afford the superlative health care and treatment facilities. Most people rely on the government hospitals for their treatment. There is a huge discrepancy in the health care facilities between the urban and the rural areas. Hospitals in rural areas are mostly short of physicians and other resources. The situation becomes even worse, when the communicable diseases go untreated, become Chronic and eventually start spreading among the masses. According to an article published in Hindustan Times there is one government allopathic doctor for every 10,189 people.

A complete family for their emotional development

A baby requires complete nourishment and care at the young age and mother’s milk is an important nourishment source. The next best thing to mother’s milk is the fresh and pure cow’s milk. The VatsalyaGram Kamdhenu Gau Ghar has 175 cows and calves to feed the infants and take care of the nourishment needs of other children.

Once the child reaches a certain age, they are given a complete family with a mother, aunt, grandmother and siblings so that the child grows up in a family and doesn’t miss out on any aspect of life. The complete education of the child is taken care of by VatsalyaGram and they are provided a dignified life with all the opportunities to brighten up their future and be successful adults in life.

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